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Weston Zipper Seal Vacuum Bags - Pint (50 ct.)

MODEL: 30-0206-W
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  • Reclosable zipper
  • Easy tear notches
  • Air-removal channels
  • Can be used with most leading brand vacuum sealers
  • Use them to marinate food in minutes
  • Simmer or microwave food right in the bag*
  • Made from FDA listed food safe materials
  • Great for food and non-food uses!

    *A small puncture in the Vacuum Bag is required before warming cooked foods or defrosting foods in the microwave. When simmering food in a Vacuum Bag, closely monitor that the pot has plenty of water and the Vacuum Bag is not in direct contact with the bottom of the pot. Do not re-use Vacuum Bags after storing raw meats, greasy foods or fish. Do not re-use Vacuum Bags after microwaving or steaming. Do not use the Vacuum Bags in the oven or broiler.

Ever store a big batch of jerky in a vacuum sealer bag only to open it, take out a few pieces, and have to get out the vacuum sealer again? These Zipper Seal Vacuum Bags allow you to vacuum seal, open, use, zip back up, and store for maximum freshness, flavor, and nutrition! These heavy-duty bags work just as well as our traditional vac bags, plus you have the benefit of the zipper. Now you can store your items long term, open them, and continue to store what you don't use for the short term!



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