Weston Products Sponsors Sportsman Channel's 'MeatEater with Steven Rinella'

Weston Products has partnered with American Hunter Steven Rinella as a sponsor of his outdoor show, “MeatEater.” This weekly half hour Sportsman Channel series follows Rinella as he hunts and processes game from wild turkey and black bear to mountain lions and whitetail deer. 

The partnership stands to promote the economic and health benefits to be had when people process their own game. “Not only are we fans of Steve’s writing and television shows, but we share his philosophy of hunting as a source of food and adventure,” says Mike Caspar, CEO of Weston Products.  “The true sportsman places as much value on the field care and processing of the kill as the kill itself.”

About Steven Rinella
Steven Rinella is a true Midwestern Outdoorsman with a passion for hunting, fishing and trapping. Prior to MeatEater, Rinella was the host of The Travel Channel’s “The Wild Within”, a show demonstrating the link between hunting and preparing food.  He has an upcoming book on procuring and preparing food from nature, 'MeatEater: Adventures From the Life of an American Hunter,' as well as two previous outdoor-focused book releases. Steve is also a frequent contributor to numerous publications including Outside Magazine, Field and Stream and The New York Times.  “Hunting to me is primarily about the acquisition of food – that is the most important thing to me,” says Rinella. “Quite simply, I like to eat wild game. Essentially, I am a hunter because I am a MeatEater.”

About Weston Products
For serious outdoorsmen who understand the value of proper field care, but want to avoid the cost of processing while ensuring the quality of their harvest, Weston Products offers a full line of food and meat processing equipment. Weston's extensive processing line includes meat grinders, slicers, jerky & sausage making equipment and vacuum sealers. These products provide the durability and quality that is needed to process both wild game and domestic meats, whether  processing in the field, on the hunt or at home. For more information on Weston’s product lines, visit
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