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Tip Tuesday: Where to Find Good Wild Game Recipes

There are plenty of resources out there for figuring out what to do with your latest hunt — some completely awesome, some a little, well... lame.

We put together a top 12 list of sites that we know we can always rely on to put out some of the most inventive, user-friendly, and above all else, tasty recipes. 

We also included a little sampling of a few of our favorite recipes from each site to get you started...

1. Hunter Angler Gardener Cook (Hank Shaw)

2. Food for Hunters

3. MeatEater TV (Steven Rinella)

4. Cookin' In Camo (Tyler Viars) on Outdoor Hub

5. Deer & Deer Hunting

6. Game & Garden (Stacy Harris)

7. Georgia Pellegrini

8. The Sporting Chef (Scott Leysath)

9. The Wild Chef  (David Draper) on Field & Stream

10. Field to Fork on Outdoor Channel (Julie Golob)

11. Killer Chefs

12. This very blog - Weston
(did you expect us not to include a shameless self plug)

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