Tip Tuesday: Slicing Jerky Meat

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Recipe - Tip Tuesday: Slicing Jerky Meat

From the Weston Kitchen


  • Jerky can be made with any lean meats, including venison, beef, chicken, or turkey


  1. Use a Jerky Slicer for perfect strips.
    A jerky slicer is just that, and it will allow for perfect strips without having to think about thickness. It's as easy as dropping a steak into the hopper of the slicer and turning the handle. You could also motorize the slicer if you're making a ton of jerky - then you don't even have to turn the handle!

  2. An Electric Meat Slicer is also a good tool.
    While you have to set the dial to the appropriate thickness, slicing jerky with an electric slicer is essentially work-free. You put your steak on the stage of the slicer and push and pull the stage against the blade. Oh, and you have to turn the slicer on first.

  3. If you’re skilled, you can certainly use a Knife Set.
    Obviously slicing jerky isn't rocket science, however, when you're drying the jerky meat, you need the slices to be as uniform as possible - otherwise, you'll end up with jerky that's too done and jerky that's not even close to dry. the other potential shortcoming to using a knife set is that you need to slice your jerky to ½ inch or thinner. Which takes some skill.

  4. Slice against the grain for tender jerky, or slice with the grain for chewier jerky.This is a tip for everyone, no matter what you use to slice.

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