Tip Tuesday: 5 Ways to Use Your Meat Slicer Smarter

1. Slice More Than Just Meat

You can slice more than meat with that slicer, ya know. Create perfectly uniform pepper rings, onion slices... anything you'd use a mandoline for, this works for. And when you're going for ultra-thin, it's an awful lot easier with one of these babies than with a knife. You can also shred lettuce and cabbage with it. Heck, you can slice bread and cheese.

Slicing Swiss cheese with the Weston 7 ½" Meat Slicer

2. Use a Serrated Blade for Bread & Cheese

Speaking of bread and cheese, you can still slice those with a straight blade, but serrated blades work much better on those two food items - less sticking and crumbling.

Slicing through a loaf of Italian Bread with our 7 ½" Serrated Blade

3. Let It Do Its Thing

Don't force it! People often make the mistake of pushing the stage across the blade too forcefully. It should glide right through. When you force the slicer, you wear down the motor, and slow the blade. If you go with the flow, your slicer could last you a lifetime.

Perfectly sliced goose breast

4. Keep the Food as Cold as Possible

The colder, the better. Fully frozen isn't good for any meat slicer. The ice crystals are too hard, and they will dull your blade and overwork the motor. But really cold and/or somewhat frozen is money. We often place meats into the freezer for 30 minutes before we slice (it depends on the size of the meat of course). For fish, those can be pretty darn frozen without hurting the slicer. Especially when you're trying for paper thin slices, partially frozen helps to keep the slices together, rather than crumbling the meat.

Jerky meat, sliced thinly with our 10" Meat Slicer

5. Create a Flat Surface

Slice your ham, roast, loaf of bread, cabbage... in half. It's going to be sliced anyway, you might as well slice it in half to create a flat surface. Face the surface against the blade. This will make a world of difference. If you start with an oddly shaped end, you'll get off to a bad start and have a tough time slicing uniform pieces. Trust us.
A large, freshly smoked pastrami cut in half for better slicing

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