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Tip Tuesday: 5 Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

Surprisingly easy to make and the gift recipient will be seriously impressed. Use a pasta machine to make your noodles, lay them out to dry, wrap 'em up, and gift them. 

Our recipe recommendation: Red & Green Holiday Pasta

Jerky makes a great gift for meat lovers, especially since you can make it in hours. Slice it, season it, throw it in a dehydrator. Wrap it up, tie it with twine, and hand it over. They'll think it's a really big effort and you don't have to tell them otherwise.

Our recipe recommendation: Cardamom Clove Jerky 

Dry Cured Sausages
So this one is a little more time consuming, and you'll need 2-4 weeks, so if you're not seeing them until after the holidays, this is a good one. But get to work now. You'll need a sausage stuffer and a basement. 

Our recipe recommendation: Dry Cured Salami

Jam is something everyone likes, and bonus! It's not hard to make. You can make it in 10 minutes, let it set for a few more, put a lid on the jar, and gift it. If you want to can it for longer term use, that will be an extra half hour, and you'll need a canning kit.

Our recipe recommendation: Clementine Marmalade

Wine or Cider
Another more time-consuming, huge payoff project. Different wines and ciders take different amounts of time. We especially recommend making a cider because in our experience, it only took a couple weeks until it was ready to bottle (but make sure it's ready - you don't want your gift to explode). In particular, a nice Pear Cider is perfect for the holidays. If you don't have a wine press, you could easily use our tomato strainer for smaller batches. 

Our recipe recommendation: Hard Pear Cider

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