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Stawberry-Tomato Salsa & Dessert Sauce with the Roma™ by Weston® Electric Tomato Strainer

Summer inspires some novel pairings as foodies become eager to use up fresh fruits and vegetables before it's too late. One of our favorite, less explored combinations is strawberries and tomatoes. Mixed with the wrong ingredients, the two mixed together can prove disastrous, but with just the right enhancers, the blend of sweet and savory can be the epitome of fresh summer flavor.

Two good places to start if you've never prepared a strawberry-tomato dish, are salsa and dessert sauce. One is a little more tomato-based and the other, more strawberry-based. Both do an excellent job of showcasing how the flavors harmonize (ever wondered what umami tastes like?...). We made variations of strawberry shortcake with the sauce and poured the salsa over pork tacos.

The best tool to prepare both is our new Roma™ by Weston® Electric Tomato Strainer. This electric version of our popular manual Roma™ Sauce Maker & Tomato Strainer includes three straining screens for different consistencies: Standard Tomato/Berry, Salsa, and Pumpkin. The berry screen makes a perfect puree for the dessert sauce and the salsa screen - well, it's ideal for the salsa.

Are you intrigued yet? Find out how to marry these two summer favorites successfully. Visit the recipe book for our Strawberry-Tomato Salsa recipe and Strawberry-Tomato Dessert Sauce recipe.
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