Pin It To Win It #BolderBurgers Giveway

We're hosting a #BolderBurgers "Pin It to Win It" Giveaway on Pinterest! Entering is fairly simple:

1. Follow us.*

2. Create a Bolder Burgers board.

3. Pin some of your favorite burger recipes to your Bolder Burgers Board. Tagging your Recipe Pins with #BolderBurgers is recommended.**

4. Also pin the Weston Burger Press you hope to win to that Bolder Burgers board. Again, tagging the Burger Press Pin with #BolderBurgers is recommended.** You can pin the Burger Press from our Pinterest, or from our product pages. Here are the pages to pin from:
Weston Single Burger Press 
Weston Burger Express 
Realtree Outfitters Burger Press by Weston 
Weston 3-Slot Mini Burger Press
5. Make sure you tag us, @WestonProducts, in your Weston Burger Press pin so that we see it!***

That will confirm your entry! 

The giveaway closes Sunday April 5th, at 11:59pm ET. The winner will be notified on Monday, April 6th, 2015 via Pinterest. 

Good Luck!!

*Why should I follow you?

So that we can message you if you win!

**Why should I tag my pins with #BolderBurgers?

The hashtag just makes your entry easier for us to find. So long as you follow our instructions above, we will be notified of your entry, however, the hashtag is just once extra piece of insurance that you're entered. 

***Why do I need to tag @WestonProducts in my Burger Press pin?
When you tag us, we'll get a Pinterest notification. That notification will allow us to visit your pin, which will then serve as your entry. 

Please read our Official Rules before you enter. 

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