Our 5 Best Meatball Recipes

Today is National Meatball Day, so we thought: What better day to remind you that we make the best meatballs here, and a solid variety at that! Check them out:

1. Elk Meatballs, Stroganoff Style

These meatballs are the centerpiece of a robust stroganoff recipe that includes red wine noodles, morel mushrooms, brown gravy & cream sauce. That's 5 reasons you need this recipe.

2. Lamb Meatballs in Mole Sauce

These meatballs have a rich, spiced flavor, conjuring middle-eastern notes. The mole sauce only intensifies this, and the Cotija cheese on top bundles the flavor into a perfectly rounded experience. Between the lamb, spices, sauce, and cheese, this recipe has no roots in a particular cuisine, it's simply exotic-tasting... and delicious.

3. Christmas Ale Venison Meatballs

These can be made with elk, beef or veal. Don't think that because it's March you have no business making Christmas Ale Meatballs. First, you don't have to use Christmas Ale. A spiced ale or amber ale will make for delicious meatballs as well (Fat Tire by New Belgium and Lagunitas Brown Shugga' come to mind). Second, these things are good year-round. Last time we checked cinnamon is available any time of the year. We threw these babies onto ciabatta and made sandwiches.

4. Asian Chicken Meatballs

Fresh ground chicken blended with our Sweet & Spicy Jerky seasoning, smothered in Teriyaki, slow cooked, and served with a ginger-garlic aioli... 

5. Fish Meatballs (Gelfilte Fish)

Gefilte Fish is a traditional Passover dish of fish "meatballs" in a light fish stock. Making the stock from scratch and grinding your own fresh fish takes this dish from a required tradition to a requested favorite. You still have over a month until Passover, but this is the perfect time to try your hand at Gelfilte - practice makes perfect!

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