Our 10 Favorite Easter Recipes

You didn't expect a traditional list from us, did you? Sure, we have ham and carrot cake. But the hams are glazed with bourbon & beer and the carrot cake has sweet potatoes in it. We also have a few pasta dishes on the more colorful side. Our mashed potatoes and corn sides use coconut milk . The bread has Easter eggs in it. We also found more ways than just carrot cake to incorporate carrot into the meal. Oh, and we included a pear pie because Easter is all about DESSERTS. Get that Easter Pinterest board started — you're going to want to pin these...

1. Bourbon Glazed Smoked Ham with Apple "Stuffing"

Apple cider, brown sugar and bourbon make up the glaze for this killer smoked ham recipe. Studded with cloves and sprinkled with orange zest, we can think of no greater flavor pairings for your Easter Ham. Plus, you get a bonus Apple Stuffing recipe to serve on the side!
2. Ale-Glazed Ham

If there's something wrong with you and the last one didn't sound good, we also have a killer beer-glazed ham. The rub is mild, letting the ale do most of the work for the flavor. It's not as elaborate as our Bourbon Ham, but it is just as delicious. 

3. Butternut Squash Cannelloni

Some of us can't have Easter dinner without pasta. Skip the lasagna or simple pasta side and spring for cannelloni this year. And not just any cannelloni - Butternut Squash Cannelloni! This dish is equal parts savory & sweet, coupling cranberries with caramelized onions and topped with sage and brown butter. Maybe you should just skip the ham altogether and serve cannelloni as your main course!

4. Carrot Ravioli

We really like the idea of serving carrots at Easter ...something about the Easter bunny eating carrots mingled with the fact that it's a cool, crisp spring vegetable. It makes for a tremendous ravioli filling, so we see no reason for these Carrot Ravioli not to make it onto your table this year. 

5. Scalloped Corn (vegan)

We made this vegan-friendly "cream cheese" corn around Thanksgiving for our vegan friends. Turns out, the lightness of this dish provided by the lack of dairy and substitution of coconut milk, coconut cheese & coconut butter makes it a perfect springtime side as well.
6. Garlic & Rosemary Mashed Potatoes with Toasted Almonds (vegan)

We can't think of a single reason why you wouldn't put roasted garlic and rosemary into your mashed potatoes and top them with toasted almonds. Unless you're allergic to nuts. Okay, so that's a reason. But it's the only one. 

7. Carrot Fries

In keeping with the spirit of carrots, carrots, carrots, we present: Carrot Fries: Your New Favorite Easter Side. The carrots are a fresher alternative to heavy sides and the dill yogurt dipping sauce screams 'Springtime!'

8. Easter Egg Bread (Greek Tsoureki Bread)

Tsoureki is a braided sweet bread easily recognized by the decorative red eggs between its braids. We dyed our eggs naturally with beet juice, then made use of the beet pulp in an accompanying beet jam. The result is an ultra sweet, perfectly festive Easter loaf. What better bread for Easter than one with Easter eggs?
9. Carrot Cake

This is not your average carrot cake. Sweet potatoes, ginger and pineapple juice make it special - plus we made it in a slow cooker, so keep that oven open! 
10. Pear Pie

Surprisingly enough, pears are actually in season in many areas of the country right now. If they're in season near you, take advantage of the harvest and make pie! Our Tarragon & White Wine infused Pear Pie will be a definite crowd-pleaser at your Easter dinner. 

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