NEW Products from Weston

We're beyond excited to announce the arrival of five brand spankin' new products to the extensive Weston product line. Allow us to introduce you...

Weston Manual Food Grinder
Don't be fooled by this cute little grinder. Sure, it looks good on your countertop, but it also powers through meat with the best of them. We also like using it to grind nuts for various butters and to process veggies for salsa. It holds just a couple of cups, so if you're looking to make 100 sausages for a party, you might want to check out one of our larger grinders. But if you want to make a few burgers for the family tonight and you're wary of the mystery meat in the store - this is the grinder for you. Oh yeah... and it has this really cool suction grip at the bottom that holds it to your counter - no clamp needed. And did we mention all of the plastic components are dishwasher safe? We just used it the other day to make Red Pepper & Cucumber Relish, check out that blog post.

We couldn't fit "Ravioli - Pierogi - Calzone - Dumpling - Turnover - Samosa - Meat Pie - Empanada Maker" onto the box - but you can make all of those things with this simple yet versatile little kit. You just roll out your dough, use the bottom of a Ravioli Maker to cut your circles, place a circle on the top of the Ravioli Maker, put the filling in the middle, and press it closed. Have you read the blog post from when we made 'Mexican Calzones' with these?

This is the essential kit for blending, chopping, slicing, beating, grating, juicing - even separating eggs. This tool is a lightweight, energy efficient, and quiet alternative to a traditional electric food processor. And all components are top-rack dishwasher safe. Preparing real meals by hand doesn't get much easier than this! We like to take it along camping with us since it's lightweight and non-electric.

Whisk, mix, beat, and chop all with one mixer. Tasks you normally would do with a chopper, wooden spoon, or whisk can be much more quickly accomplished with this ergonomically friendly manual mixer. Ditch your hand mixer and get a tool that not only mixes, but chops as well. Plus it's non-electric which means you can use it anywhere and it's energy efficient. So yeah, we take this one camping too. And we most love using it when baking. We used it to mix our batter for our Spicy Cornbread blog post and it made life so much easier!

Weston V-Slice Mandoline Vegetable Slicer
Slice tomatoes, slice peppers, slice onions, crinkle cut cucumbers, waffle cut potatoes, grate parmesan, zest lemons, shred carrots... you get the idea. Our new mandoline features a traditional slicing blade, plus a waffling blade, and three different grating plates. No really, it does all that stuff - and well!
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