New Product Alert: Weston Premium Seasonings

They're here! At long last, after endless requests for us to complete our Sausage and Jerky Making lines with our own seasonings, we have captured a range of full-bodied flavors into bottles and jars.

What took us so long? Well, since we seem to always have a couple sausages in the smoker and a batch of jerky in the dehydrator at Weston HQ, we started with our own recipes. Then we tweaked them. And then we tweaked them some more. And then we called for all-natural ingredients. And no-added-MSG. And no preservatives. And well, we think we have finally crafted seasonings worthy of your taste buds.

So just what did we come up with? Ladies & Gentlemen, we give you...

Four Varieties of Jerky Dust
  • Hot & Spicy 
  • Cajun
  • Classic
  • Mesquite
Six Varieties of Sausage Dust
  • Breakfast
  • Summer
  • Classic
  • Hot & Spicy
  • Polish
  • Sweet
Three Varieties of Jerky Tonic
  • Signature
  • Cajun
  • Sweet & Spicy
Three Varieties of Sausage Tonic
  • Bratwurst
  • Mild Italian
  • Signature

Plus, every flavor is available in a kit with all the ingredients you need to make that particular type of sausage or jerky (cure, casings). 

We think you'll really be pleased with what we came up with. So what are you waiting for? Grab a few now, whip up a couple batches of sausage & jerky, and let us know how we did!

Our new seasonings are so great, we find ourselves dumping them into all kinds of recipes now. While we made them with jerky and sausage in mind, they're so flavorful and delicious, they make any kind of meat taste good! Here, we ground fresh turkey and Weston Signature Sausage Tonic together before pressing them into the best turkey burgers we've ever had.

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