National Cheeseburger Day: Elk & Goat Cheese Burger with Blueberry Chipotle Ketchup

This may not be what you expected for National Cheeseburger Day, but elk meat, goat cheese, and homemade blueberry chipotle ketchup are a great way to celebrate any day. We ground fresh New Mexico elk meat with a Weston Grinder and pureed garden fresh tomatoes & berries with a Roma Tomato Strainer for this recipe, resulting in a really fresh, distinct cheeseburger.

- Ingredients -

Blueberry Chipotle Ketchup 
makes 2 cups

12 oz blueberries
1/2 pint of grape tomatoes, halved
1 chipotle pepper + 1 tablespoon adobo sauce
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons cider vinegar
8 oz tomato paste

Elk Burgers 
makes 6 1/2 lb patties
3 lbs elk, cubed
5 cloves garlic, smashed
2 tablespoons juniper berries
6 pods cardamom
2 teaspoons black peppercorns

6 oz goat cheese, crumbled

- Tools -
Roma by Weston Tomato Strainer
Weston Manual Kitchen Mixer
Weston Meat Grinder
Weston Burger Press

Use your Roma Tomato Strainer with the berry screen to puree your blueberries.

Replace the screen with the pumpkin screen and run the tomatoes through.

Place the chipotle pepper and adobo sauce in the Weston Mixer with the chopper attachment inserted and turn the handle to finely chop the pepper.

Replace the chopper with the mixing attachment and pour in remaining ingredients. Spin the handle again to mix thoroughly.

Cover and refrigerate ketchup while you prepare your patties.

Using a Weston Meat Grinder with a coarse grinding plate, grind the elk meat. Replace the coarse plate with a medium plate. Hand mix the garlic, juniper berries, cardamom, and peppercorns into the ground elk meat. Grind through a second time. Hand mix the goat cheese into the meat mixture.

Use a Weston Burger Press to pack the elk meat into 1/2 lb. patties.

Grill or fry the burgers to your liking, then serve with the homemade ketchup.

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