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Michael Symon Live to Cook Sausage Stuffer by Weston

Michael Symon and Jason Roberts in a sausage making duel [using the new Michael Symon Live to Cook Sausage Stuffer by Weston], assisted by Food Network mixologists Alie & Georgia

This past weekend, Weston sponsored a "Celebration of Cleveland’s Culinary Scene," hosted by Michael Symon at the Cleveland Fabulous Food Show. The Weston Cleveland Culinary Scene was a gathering of Cleveland Food Scene greats including Iron Chef Michael Symon, 'Charcuterie' author Michael Ruhlman, Plain Dealer Food Editor Joe Crea, and Steve Schimoler, Owner of Crop Bistro. On stage, they discussed a wide range of local food scene topics including the evolution of Cleveland as a food destination, sustainable cooking, running successful restaurants, and more.

Michael Symon & Alie turn out the sausage
The highlight of the show for Westonians was a 'Sausage-Off' between Aussie Chef Jason Roberts and none other than our favorite Celeb Chef, Michael Symon. Armed with the new Michael Symon Live to Cook Sausage Stuffer by Weston, and assisted by the lovely mixologist vixens Alie & Georgia, the two squared off. Chef Symon & Alie finished first, but in all fairness, Chef Roberts did tie individual sausage links with his eyes closed as Georgia cranked it out.

Georgia cracks up as Chef Jason Roberts ties off sausages with his eyes closed
While watching, we were reminded of just how cool being able to make fresh sausage really is (...and easy! Although, maybe you shouldn't try it with your eyes closed if you're a beginner). Here at Weston, we prepare sausage all the time - to the point that we are sometimes surprised by how dazzled non-Westonians get. And you know what makes sausage making even more rad? A sausage stuffer designed by Michael Symon. We're talking about the guy who wrote a book subtitled "Recipes & Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen" - and they do (Have you tried them? - It's like your kitchen becomes a rock video... okay, this may be a slight exaggeration).

That said, I don't think we need to convince you that his new sausage stuffer will also rock your kitchen.
Just look at it: Sleek black housing with a stainless steel tilt-out canister. And its 5 lb capacity gives you right amount of space to be a legitimate 'charcuterie* master' without taking up your entire counter.


*What the heck is charcuterie?

From Cleveland native Michael Ruhlman's excellent cookbook titled 'Charcuterie'  to its increasingly popular name dropping amongst many celebrity chefs, you're probably seeing and hearing more and more of this word. The word deals loosely with prepared meat products, and traditionally applies to pork. This includes but is not limited to sausage, bacon, ham, pâté, and confit. 

Chef Symon lives to cook, and is serious when it comes to sausage making. "As a chef, my love of charcuterie runs deep," Symon says in his cookbook, 'Live to Cook: Recipes & Techniques to Rock Your Kitchen.' So, naturally, this isn't like any home sausage press you may have dealt with before. It's a vertical style stuffer with all steel gears and a pressure release valve which means it's built for heavy duty sausage making. And he's included four different stuffing funnels with the press so that you can make smokies, brats, even bologna... virtually any sausage and luncheon meat you can dream up.

Michael is all about controlling the flavor and content of your foods by making them at home and with his new press, you can even do so with sausage.

Chef Michael Symon making fresh sausage with his Live to Cook Sausage Stuffer by Weston

Check out the Michael Symon Live to Cook Sausage Stuffer by Weston on the official site for the Live to Cook collection: 


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