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Michael Symon Live to Cook Burger Presses by Weston

Michael Symon may very well be known best for his burgers. His B-Spot Burger restaurant was so popular in his beloved Cleveland area that he has expanded to three locations (one of which is just minutes away from Weston headquarters!!) - plus one in Quicken Loans Arena where the Cleveland Cavaliers play.

His burgers have won best in America two years in a row now at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. He's the master (as far as we're concerned) of meat-on-meat burgers, with such creations as the Fat Doug and Yo! burgers. Obviously, Symon is serious about burgers.

He doesn't go to the grocery store and buy a box of frozen, pre-packaged patties. He splits a cow with his friends and uses fresh beef raised from a farmer he trusts. Then he grinds the fresh meat himself with his Live to Cook Electric Meat Grinder. And when you take the time to be so conscious of the ingredients you're using, you don't just slap a ball of meat on the grill and call  it a burger. ...At least not when you have your friends over... You use a burger press to get perfect patties every time - consistent quarter, third, and half pound patties. Not only does your burger come out looking great, the consistency in thickness means a better chance that all of your burgers will grill to the temperature you prefer (medium rare if you're Michael Symon.. or me).

The Michael Symon Live to Cook Collection offers two burger press styles: the Non-Stick Adjustable Burger Press for larger, 4 1/2" diameter burgers (with any thickness you prefer up to an inch and a half), and the Mini Burger Press for 2 1/2" diameter slider style burgers. Both are made of heavy duty non-stick aluminum (not plastic).

You can find both at MichaelSymon.WestonProducts.com.
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