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Michael Symon Live to Cook #8 Electric Meat Grinder by Weston

Michael Symon is a self-described "meat-centric" chef. So when he puts a meat grinder into his Live to Cook line, he doesn't just settle. He chooses a grinder that's tough enough for an Iron Chef.

Michael Symon Live to Cook No. 8 Commercial Grade Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer
This meat grinder is a heavy-duty, commercial grade, .5 horsepower, 350-watt beast. It's built of all metal gears with a completely stainless steel housing. It powers through an average of five pounds of meat per minute. And does so quietly. And, it's UL listed, which means it has passed rigorous testing for quality and safety.  It can be used in any restaurant or home kitchen - and is, in Chef Symon's.

All metal gear construction for optimal grinding performance
So why did Chef Symon include a meat grinder in the line?
Symon Says, "Great food is all about knowing your product and controlling it." When you grind your own meat, you know what is in it. You can control the mix, you can control the ingredients, and you can control the fat content. Your best burgers and sausages are going to be made with the meat that was processed with your own hands.

Includes a stomper, grinding plates, and sausage stuffing attachments

What is all this stuff that comes with it?
The Live to Cook Electric Meat Grinder comes with a solid, heavy-duty stomper, two stainless steel grinding plates, and sausage stuffing attachments. The stomper allows you to feed the meat into the grinder while keeping your hands safe. The two grinding plates allow for two different grinds - coarse and medium - all you need to make perfectly packed sausages and burgers. And the sausage stuffing attachments - a high speed stuffing auger, four stuffing funnels, and a stuffing star - allow you to be a "charcuterie master" with one machine. Homemade brats, snack sticks, summer sausage... all made easy with this electric meat grinder & sausage stuffer.

What can I make with it?
The Weston-exclusive Michael Symon "For Those Who Take Cooking Seriously" Recipe Collection is included free with this grinder and has recipes for burgers, sausages, meatballs, and more.

Michael Symon's award-winning burgers, made with the Live to Cook Meat Grinder.
In 2010, Michael Symon won the SoBe Burger Bash with his Fat Doug Burger. At the 2011 Bash, his Yo! Burger won the Heinz Best Dressed award. You can recreate those award winning recipes and more with the "For Those Who Take Cooking Seriously" Recipe Collection.

But I've Never Used a Meat Grinder Before...
It's easy! The Recipe Collection included with the Live to Cook Grinder includes tips to help you along, and Chef Symon shows you how in the video above (which can also be accessed by scanning the QR code in the Recipe Collection).


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