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Making Ravioli with the Roma by Weston Ravioli Rolling Pin

Our 2-in-1 Ravioli Rolling Pin isn't available to the public just yet, but our marketing manager used it to make some simple, but delicious ravioli today, so you get a sneak peak! (Recipe below)

After you have made your filling and rolled out your pasta dough with the rolling pin,
scoop about a quarter cup of the filling onto your sheet.
Align a second sheet of pasta dough over the filling
Roll the pin over the sheets of pasta
The pin will evenly press the filling into the pockets
while also cutting the dough into ravioli shapes
The ravioli is now formed and will easily pull apart
For a fancy look, you can use a pasta bike to cut the edges

Ravioli Recipe (makes about 40 ravioli)

Basic Pasta Dough: (makes about four 8" x 6" sheets)
3 eggs
2-1/2 cups all purpose flour

1 cup ricotta
1/8 cup spinach, chopped
1 teaspoon pepper
1 teaspoon salt

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