Labor Day Recipes

Fire up the smoker! We have a menu full of hot seasonal recipes that will utilize your garden harvest and please your Labor Day gathering.
We call our version of this 60's throwback 'Diablos on Horseback'
Chorizo stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, smoked and slathered with hot sauce glaze. 

You've likely heard of Moscow Mules. Our Kentucky
Mule recipe uses Smoked Whiskey & Jalapenos. 
The secret to this Michelada is homemade
Tomato Juice and Negra Modelo

This smoky pulled venison (or beef brisket or pork, take your pick) is smothered in a homemade blueberry bbq sauce 

Might as well throw some corn on the cob into the
smoker with your pulled venison

This cool, sweet slaw will go great with smoky dishes.

This basil-spiked, ultra-creamy, ricotta-based ice cream will cool your guests down,
while putting your tomato garden to good use


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