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Just In: Michael Symon Live to Cook Safe Slice Mandolines by Weston

New to Michael's Live to Cook line: Safe Slice Mandolines. Chef Symon loves mandolines because they seriously reduce the amount of time required in knife work. Mandolines allow you to slice through foods both swiftly and precisely - Perfectly even pepper rings, matchstick potatoes, radish ribbons, tomato slices, and more, in minutes. When you're an Iron Chef, every second counts, and we know that the same can be true for home cooks. Preparing restaurant-quality meals at home can be extremely time consuming, so we believe in bringing you tools that cut out some of the work without sacrificing food quality.

What makes Michael's new mandolines so special is their safety features. In order for a mandoline to work well,  the blade must be incredibly sharp. So while you don't become a good cook without taking risks, this is one risk we've averted. Safe Slice Mandoline Slicers keep the blades covered until you push the safety trigger to expose them. After that, just use the safety food pusher to keep a safe distance between your fingers and the blades.

We've released three different styles to suit your needs.

Safe Slice Stand Mandoline Slicer
The stand model features both a julienne and straight blade which can be switched with the turn of a knob - no insertion or removal needed - as well as three thickness settings.

Safe Slice Handheld Mandoline Slicer

The handheld model is available with either a built-in julienne blade or straight blade. They're very lightweight, allowing for better stability and feature two thickness settings.

You can find Michael Symon Live to Cook Mandolines at the official Live to Cook site: MichaelSymon.WestonProducts.com

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