Jerky Making Tip: How to Make Your Own Seasoning

There are plenty of jerky seasoning kits out there (heck, we make seven different flavors ourselves); but sometimes you want the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Don't get us wrong, we personally labored over the recipes for the Weston seasonings you see on the shelf. But still, there's just something about rummaging the spice cabinet that feels so right.

In the countless jerky recipes we've come up with on our own, we've learned that there are some basics you can't ignore. We figured we'd save you do-it-yourselfers some time and lay out for you the undeniables:

...And of course, don't be afraid to get creative. These are just the very basics to consider. We've sweetened with mango juice and molasses, spiced with habanero peppers and chilis, and marinated in Jack Daniels and lime juice. Make it your own!

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