Jalapeño Raspberry Jam with the Roma Tomato Strainer

The natural sugary-sweetness of raspberries is perfectly complimented by the gentle heat of jalapeños in this jam recipe. If you've been looking for simple ways to kick your jam up a notch, this is the recipe for you!

Makes 3 cups

- Ingredients -
24 oz raspberries
1 ¼ cups sugar
2 medium jalapeños, roughly chopped (4 if you like spicy)
1 lime, juiced

- Tools -
Roma by Weston Tomato Strainer with Berry Screen
(use the regular screen if you want seeds in your jam)
Weston Manual Kitchen Kit
Weston Canning Kit
Three ½ pint jars

First things first: If you are planning on canning this jam, start by sanitizing your jars and equipment in boiling water. The lids should be put into a separate pot of simmering, not boiling water (you're activating the special sealing glue on the lids, without ruining it). Keep everything in its boiling & hot water until it is time to can.

Next you need to make a seedless puree of your raspberries. Rinse them well, then drop them into the hopper of your Roma Tomato Strainer with its Berry Screen attached. Turn the handle to produce the puree from the screen, and send the seeds out of the waste chute. Run through a second time to get as much raspberry puree from your batch as possible.

Juice from the raspberries pours out from the screen as the seeds get pushed through the waste chute

Close-up on the raspberry puree, about to be tasty jam...

Set the puree aside. Use your Manual Kitchen Kit with the chopper inserted to dice your jalapeños. 

This little handheld chopper makes perfectly diced jalapeños in seconds

Place the citrus juicer of the Kitchen Kit on top of it and use it to juice your lime.

Pretty helpful to do most of the work with one little kit, eh?

Boil the raspberry puree and sugar until it sets. If you're not sure, do the freezer test, as detailed on Food In Jars. There are also several other tests detailed on that page.

Quickly stir in the lime juice and jalapeños. Use your Weston Canning Kit to safely pour the jam into your jars and seal them.

Our jam has just set and is ready to go into that jar via the canning funnel

At this point, you can refrigerate your jam for consumption in the next couple of weeks. You could also can them in a water bath or pressure canner to store long-term.

One great way to serve the jam is on toast with cream cheese (especially if your jam turns out too spicy)
This jam goes great on everything, but I especially love it simply on a seeded Jewish rye.

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