How To Make Waffle Fries with a Weston Mandoline

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Recipe - How To Make Waffle Fries with a Weston Mandoline

From the Weston Kitchen


  • Potatoes (half of a potato to a whole potato per person)
  • 2 quarts peanut oil


Does the shape of a waffle fry truly make them taste better? We think so!

  1. Fill a bowl, large enough to fit your potatoes, with ice water.
  2. Insert the Wavy/Waffle Blade into your Mandoline.
  3. For a waffle cut, the key is to adjust the thickness so that the slices are only slightly thicker than the serrated edge of the Wavy/Waffle Slicer Blade.
  4. Once you adjust the thickness, pierce the potato with the Food Pusher and make a pass over the Wavy/Waffle Slicer Blade.
  5. Next, rotate the food 90° and make a second pass over the Blade to complete the cut.
  6. This rotation will create an opposing crinkle cut on each side of the food, leaving holes toward the center. Repeat for the rest of the potatoes.
  7. Place the fries into the ice water as you slice. Once all potatoes have been sliced, place the bowl into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
  8. Bring your Deep Fryer (or pot filled with oil) to 375°F. Remove the fries from the ice water and pat dry thoroughly. Drop the fries into the Deep Fryer and fry 10 minutes, or until the fries turn golden and float. Occasionally shake the fryer basket or stir with tongs to keep the fries from sticking together.
  9. Transfer the fries into a large bowl layered with paper towels. Allow to cool 5-10 minutes, then sprinkle with French Fry Seasoning and enjoy.

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