Homemade Bourbon Cherries

While cherries make for a wonderful gift around the holidays, the recipient can often be left wondering: What to do with all these cherries? If you're the lucky recipient, we have just the recipe to help you savor them all year long.
...And even if you weren't gifted them, the holidays are one of the few times of the year that they're available in most parts of the US (albeit imported) - so you may want to head to the market and grab a pound now before they disappear again until summer.

- Ingredients - 

1 lb fresh cherries (we used Bing cherries, but this recipe is good for any cherry)
1 cup water
1 cup sugar
1/8 cup mulling spices
1/8 cup orange liqueur (we use Grand Marnier®)
3/8 cup bourbon  (we use Maker's Mark®)

- Tools - 

Weston Cherry Pitter
Weston Vacuum Sealer + Canister
3 glass pint jars, if storing long term

Use your Cherry Pitter to remove the pits from all of your cherries.

The plunger of our Cherry Pitter pushes the pits through the cherries and into a container - no mess!

Boil together water and sugar, stirring constantly until sugar is dissolved. Let cool, then stir in orange liqueur and bourbon.

Toss together cherries & mulling spice, then pour them into your Vacuum Canister.

We couldn't resist another close-up shot of these gorgeous cherries

Pour the bourbon/liqueur/syrup mixture over the cherries. Place the lid onto the canister, turn the dial to 'seal,' then use the Vacuum Sealer to seal the canister. Refrigerate.

The cherries will be ready to enjoy after 24 hours. If you're not using them within a week or two, transfer them into glass jars for continued storage in the fridge. They'll be good for 6 months this way. If you'd like to store them un-refrigerated, or store them long term to gift them later, simply seal them in the glass jars with a pressure canner or use the water bath method.

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