Home Harvesting

Did you know that Weston has a full line of home harvesting products? Here are some ways to use them for your spring crops - remember that specific crops and harvest dates depend on your location (try the Field to Plate Seasonality Guide) . . .

Mint & Parsley
Use a Weston Dehydrator to make your own fresh herbs.

Morels, Radishes, & Turnips
Use a Weston Stainless Steel Mandolin Vegetable Slicer to slice these spring veggies like a pro.

It's time to get those beets in a jar for pickled beets. The Weston Deluxe 5-Piece Home Canning Kit can help you with that.

Asparagus & Peas
One of the best ways to prepare asparagus is sous-vide. And fresh peas vacuum sealed and put in the freezer make for an excellent alternative to store-bought frozen peas. Weston Vacuum Sealers make it happen.

Carrots, Green Garlic, & Green Onions

A Weston Multi-Chopper makes chopping carrots, garlic, and onions a cinch, not to mention, it protects your hands from potential odors.

Fresh spring lettuce can be shredded neatly and easily with a Weston Heavy Duty Slaw Board & Cabbage Shredder.

Apricots & Strawberries
Make fresh jams or simply preserve spring fruits with the Weston Deluxe 5-Piece Home Canning Kit. The Weston Stainless Steel Cone Strainer, Weston Stainless Steel Food Mill, or Roma by Weston Food Strainer & Sauce Maker helps strain the seeds from the good stuff.

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