Get Creative with the Weston Jerky Gun & Roma Electric Pasta Machine: Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is right around the corner, and we can't think of a better treat to share at parties than cupcakes. But you can't show up with just any old cupcake. Bring along these Carrot Cupcakes for cupcakes that not only look like fall has arrived, they taste like it too!

For this recipe, we made a moist carrot cake and filled it with a mascarpone-cream cheese frosting with a Weston Jerky Gun. Then, we dyed fondant and rolled it out with our Roma by Weston Electric Pasta Machine. With mini cookie cutters, we cut out fondant shapes and topped the cupcakes.

Watch our simple process below:

What are you waiting for? Get the recipe: Filled Carrot Cupcakes

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