Fried Apple Rings

These cinnamon-sugar battered & deep fried apple rings give traditional apple fritters a run for their money — More apple and less doughnut than an apple fritter, the recipe for these apple rings replaces dough with batter, cutting down on ingredients and ensuring less fuss! 

Makes about 24 apple rings

- Ingredients - 

3 apples

1 ¼ cup flour
1 egg
1 cup milk
2 tablespoons sugar

Cinnamon Sugar
3 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon

vegetable oil, for frying

- Tools - 
Weston Deep Fryer
Weston Manual Kitchen Mixer
Weston Apple Peeler

Step One | Preheat Deep Fryer
Fill your Deep Fryer with vegetable oil to the fill line and preheat it to 375°F.

Step Two | Make Batter
In your Manual Mixer, combine batter ingredients until batter is smooth.

Step Three | Slice Apples
Use your Apple Peeler to core & slice your apples. You will have one large spiral. Make a small slice through the rings to separate them.

Step Four | Batter Apples
Use tongs to dunk the apple slices into the batter.

Step Five | Deep Fry Battered Apples

Place the battered apples into the deep fryer. Shake the basket as soon as you drop the apples, to ensure that they do not stick to the bottom of the basket. Allow to deep fry until they begin to float and brown. Use tongs to flip each ring, if needed. Once golden and crisp, remove from the deep fryer.

Step Six | Coat with Cinnamon Sugar
Combine the cinnamon and sugar. Sprinkle the deep fried apples with cinnamon sugar as soon as they emerge from the fryer. Allow to cool 3-5 minutes, then enjoy.

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