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Weston Helps You Bring the Field to Your Table

Weston’s suite of processing products give you the control you expect over your food. From meat grinders and sausage stuffers, to slicers and processing equipment, Weston helps you process, preserve, and prepare the bounty of nature so you can be sure that your food will have the best flavor and nourishment for your family, whenever you are ready to enjoy it. At Weston, it’s our pleasure to be there with you as you bring the field and farm to your table.

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The Carnivore's Toolkit: Everything You Need For DIY Meat Processing

Weston is your home for game and meat processing. From knives and grinders to sausage stuffers and vacuum sealers, we offer a wide range of equipment for setting up your own personal butcher shop.  Whether you’re a hunter, an angler or a home chef, you’ll have the tools you need to be efficient, creative and successful. 

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Weston #12  1 HP Meat Grinder

Take control over how your food is prepared and have confidence in knowing every step in the process. Whether bounty from the hunt, or a whole cow from your local farmer, you can customize your grind. Make sausages, burgers, and jerky—all fresh, from scratch. Weston put together 12 tips to help you master the meat grinder

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The Appliance for the 21st Century Hunter-Gatherer

You can use a vacuum sealer to keep meats, fish,  fruits and vegetables, liquid foods and dry goods fresher longer. Your seasonal window for bagging deer or catching rockfish may be just weeks, but with a vacuum sealer you can enjoy the spoils of your hunt and catch all year long. 

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Field To Table Recipes

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