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Weston Helps You Bring the Harvest to Your Table

Weston’s suite of harvest products give you the control you expect over your food processing. From tomato strainers and food mills, to canning equipment and dehydrators, Weston helps you process, preserve, and prepare the bounty of nature so you can be sure that your food will have the best flavor and nourishment for your family, whenever you are ready to enjoy it. 

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The 365 Day Season

You can use a vacuum sealer to keep fruits and vegetables, meats, fish, liquid foods and dry goods fresher longer. Essentially, it’s a way to extend your eating season. Learn more about the benefits of using a vacuum sealer.

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Tips for Dehydrating

Extend the shelf life of extra herbs, fruits, veggies and even meats by dehydrating them. Excess food can be turned into snacks like jerky, chips and fruit rolls or preserved for use in later recipes. And it all happens with little more than the push of a button. 

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Harvest Recipes

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