DIY Freeze Pops: Cucumber Lime Mint

You can make this recipe with any juice you like. We used our juicer attachment for our meat grinder to make our own fresh juice from cucumbers, limes, and mint — for a refreshing, grown-up freeze pop. You can mature the recipe even more by adding a couple ounces of tequila, vodka, or rum. 
makes twelve 6 oz pops

- Ingredients - 

4 cucumbers
¼ lime
1 oz fresh mint
½ c sugar

- Tools -
Weston Meat Grinder & Juicer Attachment
or another Home Juicer
Weston Vacuum Sealer (Our Chamber Sealer is ideal, but you can do it either way)

| Step One: Prepare Juice |

Use your Juicer to juice the cucumbers, quarter of a lime and mint.

Making the cucumber lime mint juice with our juicer attachment

Closeup of the ingredients

Closeup of the resulting juice

Pour the sugar into the juice and stir rapidly until sugar has dissolved.

| Step Two: Make Pouches | 

Use your Vacuum Sealer to create pouches. We recommend using quart sized vacuum bags for this. You can make the pouches in a couple of ways:

Option 1: Freeze Pop Packs 
1. Use a permanent marker to mark the bag width at every third (or however wide you'd like your freeze pops to be). We used 8" bags that had a 7" opening. So we marked the bag at 2.3" and 4.6". 
2. Use the sealer to divide the bag into 3 separate 2.3" wide pouches. To do this, lay the bag onto the seal bar so that the length of the bag is parallel with the seal bar. Align the 2.3" mark with the seal bar and close the lid. Press start, then press seal to create your first seal. Repeat for the 4.6 mark. You will now have a freezer pop 3-pack bag.  
Here you can see how we used the sealer to separate our quart bag into 2" compartments
*note: while not necessary, rather than making one seal at each of the 2.3" & 4.6" marks, we made seals on either side of the two marks. This gives you more space in between the pouches. This way, you don't have to be as precise when you cut the pouches apart.
Option 2: Individual Freeze Pop
This option is ideal because your seals will be more quality. That said, you will have to individually seal each pop (which doesn't take much time at all). The freeze pop packs allow you to seal three pops at a time. 
For option 2, follow the same steps as in option 1, then cut the bag apart into 2.3" strips by cutting down the middle of each seal. 
We cut the compartments apart to make individually packaged freeze pops

| Step Three: Fill Pouches |

Use a funnel or a pitcher to pour the juice into each pouch. We filled each pouch with 6 ounces, or about 2/3rds of the way full.

| Step Four: Seal Pouches |

There are also a couple of ways to accomplish this.

Option 1: Chamber Vacuum Sealer 
If you have a chamber sealer, you can seal these while the freeze pops are still liquid. 
1. Set the vacuum pressure to minimum & the seal time to 6.
2. Fold the pouch until you get to the liquid. Hold the bag there tightly. Gently lay the bag into the chamber, still holding it tight. Quickly unfold it and lock the open end of the bag down with the bag holder, then close the lid down tightly and quickly (so that the seal bar is holding the liquid back, rather than allowing it to spill into the chamber. 
This individual freeze pop bag is ready to be sealed in the Chamber Sealer

3. Press the start button. If liquid begins to escape, press the seal button to quickly seal the bag, otherwise allow the cycle to run its course. Repeat for the remaining packs of freeze pops, then you're ready to freeze them!

All sealed and ready for the freezer

Option 2: Vacuum Sealer  
Sealing liquids with a regular out-of-chamber sealer can cause damage to your sealer. To seal these freeze pops with a regular sealer, you'll need to freeze them first.  
1, Simply place the liquid-filled pouches into your freezer (prop them up so that the liquid doesn't spill) for about 3 hours, or until the juice is completely frozen.  
2. Now you can use your sealer to seal the pops. Press the start button, then press seal immediately. Your pops are ready to be stored in the freezer.  
You can also use this method with your Chamber Sealer if you're having trouble keeping the liquid in the bag. 
That's it. Making homemade freeze pops is as simple as making juice (if you so choose), preparing your special freeze pop bags, pouring in the juice, sealing and freezing.

The sealed freeze pop posing with our Chamber Sealer

Here are our 3-pack of freeze pops

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