Clementine Marmalade with a Roma Electric Tomato Strainer

Don't let those leftover holiday clementines go to waste! 
This easy marmalade recipe is a great way to preserve them. 

Makes 32 oz (four 8 oz jam jars)

- Ingredients -
3 lbs clementines (about 15)
1 cup water
2 cups sugar
2 teaspoons crushed red pepper (for spice, optional)

- Tools -
Weston V-Slice Mandoline (optional)
Roma Tomato Strainer with the standard screen
Weston Canning Kit

Use a grater to zest your clementines (We like using our Weston V-Slice Mandoline Slicer with its grating plate).

Using the Weston V-Slice Mandoline to zest our clementines.

Finish peeling the clementines, then drop the sectioned clementine pieces into the hopper of your Roma Tomato Strainer. Use the strainer to puree the clementines into a medium sized pot. Tip: Just like when squeezing an orange, the juice will squirt all over, so wear an apron and stand back a little.

Clementine pieces in the hopper of the Roma Electric Tomato Strainer.
The standard tomato/apple screen of Roma Strainers is perfect for allowing just the right amount of pulp in, while separating larger pieces into its waste funnel. 

We used our Roma Electric Tomato Strainer, but our Manual Strainer works equally as well.

The resulting clementine puree.

Pour the water and zest into the pot with the clementine puree, then cook over medium heat for 30 minutes. Add sugar to the pot and stir until dissolved. Bring the puree to a boil and allow to boil for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally (so as not to allow the puree to stick to the bottom of the pot).

While the mixture boils, sterilize your jars and lids with boiling water.

After the mixture has boiled for 15 minutes, test it for consistency by placing a small amount on a plate and leaving it in the freezer for one minute. If, after a minute, the mixture runs down the plate when tilting, it is not set yet. In this case, you should return to a boil for 5 minutes, then test again. If, when tilting, it stays put, your marmalade is set and you're ready to can it.

If you like spicy foods, at this point, stir the crushed red pepper into the marmalade until evenly distributed. If not, just skip it (although you're missing out just a little).

Using the Weston Canning Funnel to pour the spicy clementine marmalade neatly into the jam jar.

Time to get out your Weston Canning Kit. Pull a sterilized jar from the boiling water with the Weston Jar Lifter. Pour the marmalade in using a Weston Canning Funnel (leave 1/2" headspace). Use a Weston Magnetic Lid Lifter to place a sterilized lid onto the jar. Next, use the water bath method or a pressure canner to seal the jars. Use the Weston Lid Lifter again to place the sterilized ring over the lid, then use the Jar Wrench to seal tightly. Store in a cool, dry place until you're ready to enjoy.

This marmalade is perfect for cheese & charcuterie boards! We served ours with Homemade Elk Soppressata, stone ground crackers, Brie, sea salt milk chocolate, and almonds.

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