Carrot Fries with Dill Yogurt Sauce

These guys are a refreshing take on French fries. With just the right amount of natural sweetness, carrots make for a sweet potato-type flavor that's still uniquely their own. Combine that with the savory blend of yogurt, olive oil, pepper, dill, and cumin, and you have your new favorite side dish or appetizer.

Serves 2-4

- Ingredients -

Carrot Fries
3 large carrots
1 cup coconut oil

12 oz plain Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons fresh dill
1 teaspoon coarse ground black pepper
1 teaspoon olive oil
½ teaspoon cumin
1 dill sprig for garnish

- Tools -
Weston French Fry Cutter 

Heat the coconut oil over medium-high heat.

Peel the skin from your carrots and cut them in half. Use a French Fry Cutter (we use a 3/8" cutting blade) to slice the carrots into fries.

Weston French Fry Cutter & Vegetable Dicer

Fry carrot fries in coconut oil for 15 minutes, or until browned and crisp.

Mix together the yogurt, dill, and pepper. Drizzle olive oil over the top, then sprinkle with cumin and a dash of pepper. Finish with a sprig of dill.

Once the fries are ready, use tongs to remove from the oil and place onto napkins or paper towels draped over a bowl. Toss to remove excess oil. Serve the fries while they're hot, with the yogurt sauce.

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