Burgers & Fries: Venison Burgers with a Weston Burger Press

I do not like deer meat. In fact, I don't like wild game. "Gaminess" is not a flavor that I subscribe to. But I do like my Wild Blueberry Burgers. Deer season is here in Ohio for archers, and will be soon for other hunters. So I thought, "What better time to make deer burgers?"

The beauty is that my burgers not only tasted better than regular old venison, they looked flawless after I pressed them in a Weston Burger Press. Weston also sells the patty paper to go with it (it actually comes free with the online purchase of a burger press on the Weston site right now), making the extra burgers that I froze and shared with friends all the more legitimate.

Making burgers out of venison is as simple as grinding the meat, mixing in the ingredients, pressing the patty, and grilling the burger. But a burger with blueberries?!? Visit the Cooking with Weston Recipe Book to find out how blueberries and venison make the perfect burger.

The other great thing about making burgers is that they're easy to store for later. Stack your uncooked patties with patty paper and then use a Weston Vacuum Sealer to package them. You can then store them in the freezer until you're ready for them - this is also a great way to prepare them for sharing!

Wild Blueberry Burgers

Meat Grinding with Weston

Meat Processing with Brad Lockwood from Love of the Hunt

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