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Weston Helps Bring Burgers and Fries To Your Table

Burgers and fries, lasting icons of the American culinary tradition have symbolized abundance, prosperity, and freedom for nearly 75 years. With Weston’s meat grinders, burger presses and french fry cutters, you'll have the right tools to make professional-quality meals in the comfort of your home, and know exactly the source of your food.

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Perfecting the burger involves a number of considerations from knowing which tools to use and perfecting grind techniques to choosing the right blend of meats and toppings. Weston can help up your game with these 10 ways to make better burgers.

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Weston #12 1 HP Meat Grinder

Take control over how your food is prepared and have confidence in knowing every step in the process. Whether bounty from the hunt, or a whole cow from your local farmer, you can customize your grind. Make sausages, burgers, and jerky—all fresh, from scratch. Weston put together 12 tips to help you master the meat grinder

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Burger Press

Burger presses create consistently shaped and sized burgers, keeping the meat fresh and cold by lessening the need for handling. A densely packed burger doesn't need binding ingredients either, resulting in a pure pattie. Learn more about the benefits of using a burger press.

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Burger & Fry Recipes

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