Bourbon Apple Glazed Ham with Apple "Stuffing"

Serves 10-12

- Ingredients -

one fresh 15 lb ham (you may need to order this ahead of time from your local butcher)

3 cups apple cider
2 cups brown sugar
1 ½ cups kosher salt
3 teaspoons pink salt
1 stick cinnamon (Ceylon or "Canela" is preferred)
1 tablespoon whole cloves
zest from ½ large orange

3 cups apple cider
¼ cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 tablespoon kosher salt
¼ teaspoon cloves

¼ cup apple cider
2 oz bourbon whiskey
1 cup brown sugar

zest from ½ large orange, for sprinkling

handful of whole cloves, for studding

Apple Stuffing
6 sweet apples, peeled, sliced, and cored with an Apple Peeler
1 yellow onion, quartered
2 garlic cloves, peels completely removed
2 coins fresh ginger root, skin removed
handful curly parsley

- Tools -
Weston Vacuum Sealer & Bag, for brining
Weston Smoker
Weston Marinade Injector
Weston Apple Peeler
Weston Kitchen Kit

Combine brine ingredients in a pan and bring to boil, then simmer, stirring constantly, until the sugar and salt is dissolved.

Let cool completely.

In a large Vacuum Sealer Bag (we used a 15" roll & cut it to size), drop in the fresh ham, then pour the brine over the ham. Seal and refrigerate for 3 days to allow to brine (if not using a Vacuum Sealer, give it 7 days, or a day for every 2 lbs).

Once the ham is cured, preheat your Smoker to 250°F, fill the water bowl, and soak your wood chips. While the smoker preheats, prepare the marinade. After 30 minutes, place the ham into the Smoker and fill the wood chip box. Use a Marinade Injector to inject the ham with the marinade, then allow to smoke for two hours. After two hours, inject the ham again and raise the temperature to 325°F. Smoke for another 3 hours. While the ham smokes, prepare the glaze. After 3 hours, or once the ham has reach 135°F, remove the ham from the smoker to score, stud, and glaze it. Sprinkle the ham with the orange zest and return it to the Smoker to smoke another hour, or until the ham reaches 155°F. Slice and serve while hot.

During the last hour of smoking, prepare the apple stuffing. Roast all ingredients, except the parsley, by drizzling with a little olive oil and broiling in the oven at 500°F for 5 minutes, or until they are browned. Toss, then return to the oven for another 5 minutes.

In the Manual Kitchen Kit, with the chopper attached, chop together all ingredients until the apples are diced into small pieces.

Serve with the ham, hot.

Closeup on the Apple Stuffing

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