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The Benefits of Using a Burger Press

Burger presses create consistently shaped and sized burgers, keeping the meat fresh and cold by lessening the need for handling. A densely packed burger doesn't need binding ingredients either, resulting in a pure pattie. Learn more about the benefits of using a burger press:

  1. Less Handling: Burger presses allow you to pack patties without squishing the meat between your warm hands. Heat radiated by your hands can cause proteins to denature. Translation: Icky texture. Using your hands to pack raw meat can cause the fat to melt and the meat to break apart which causes a mushy, unappealing texture when it's time to devour your burger.
  2. Keep That Raw Meat Cold: Weston burger presses are metal, so you can keep them chilled in the refrigerator which keeps your meat cold too.
  3. Uniformity: Burger presses make uniform patties: same weight and diameter every time. Uniform patties cook evenly throughout and will come to temperature around the same time on the grill.
  4. Perfect Weight: Burger presses help achieve the weight you're going for. Our Single Burger Press has measurements on the handle that allow you to adjust to ¼, ⅓, and ½ lb patties. 
  5. Little to No Cleanup: They're less mess. Especially if you use Patty Paper. We'll let you in on a little "secret:" Put Patty Paper on the bottom of your Press. Put a ball of meat on top of that. Put another piece of paper on top of the meat. Press. Whoa! There's a perfect patty enclosed in paper, and no meat on your press. Nice, right?
  6. Purer Patties: If you use a press, there's no need for an egg. Or breadcrumbs. Or whatever meatloaf-intended binder you're junking up your patties with. A press will pack them tightly enough, without making the mush you get when you use your hands. So save that egg to fry over-easy and throw on top later!
  7. Prettier Patties: The burgers look good. Who doesn't marvel at a perfectly round, evenly dense patty?

There are many benefits to using a burger press. If you need some other tips for making a great burger, check out 10 Ways to Make Better Burgers. Don't forget to use Weston meat grinders which combine quiet performance and rugged durability to give you control over the ingredients and texture of your meats. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of using your grinder


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