A Very Merry Pasta Made With the Roma by Weston Electric Pasta Machine

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start collecting your favorite holiday recipes. Every year I page through magazines and click through webpages looking for something exciting and new to file away in my recipe book. But this year, nothing sparked my interest enough to earn a tear-out or even a print-out.

As I sat there across from the bright red pasta machine thinking about how very, well, merry it looked, I got an idea. It was time for experimenting.

I set out to make a pasta that tasted like Christmas. Perhaps you know that one of the wonderful things about making your own pasta is that you may put whatever you so choose in your noodles. And so I thought I'd put some Christmas spirit into my noodles, with red and green food coloring, cinnamon, ginger, sage, thyme, Disaronno, and a Roma by Weston Electric Pasta Machine. I whipped up a heavy cream and eggnog sauce to drizzle over my red and green noodles and rocked around the Christmas tree with my pasta bowl in hand.

For my Very Merry Pasta Recipe, visit the Cooking with Weston Recipe Book.

Very Merry Pasta

Roma by Weston Electric Pasta Machine

Using a Pasta Machine

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