10 Recipes for Vacuum Sealer Canisters

Vacuum Sealer Canisters are extremely helpful in the kitchen - you can marinate, ferment & pickle in a flash. Below we share our 10 favorite vacuum canister recipes...

1. Dill Pickles

Homemade kosher dill pickles in 18 hours... why WOULDN'T you make these?

2. Pickled Peppers

These peppers are pickled in tequila... yes, tequila!

3. Pickled Apples

Little known fact: Pickling apples is a great way to preserve them.
Use these to top glazed hams or burgers, or leave out the onions to use them
for apple pies and apple sauce when the season's long over.

4. Pickled Turnips
These bright pink turnips add a welcomed bite to middle eastern dishes.
Our recipe for them is contained in a bonus Falafel Burger recipe!

5. Pickled Red Onions

Our secret ingredient to Pickled Red Onions is Chef Jonathon Sawyer's Craft Beer Vinegar

6. Lime Pickle

Lime pickle can be an acquired taste for some - for others, it's love at first bite.
You gotta find out how it will work out for you, right?

7. Spicy Kimchi

No burying necessary. Sweet, spicy, and tangy, our version of kimchi may be simple to make,
but the resulting flavors are complex.

8. Apricot Ale Marinated Cabbage

Our Apricot Ale Marinated Cabbage recipe is contained within a Bratwurst Burger recipe - bonus!

9. Marinated Artichokes

Ditch canned artichokes - buy 'em fresh, follow this recipe, and in one week you'll have the best artichokes.

10. Marinated Mushrooms
A 20 minute marination cycle with one of our Pro Advantage Sealers will put you in business!

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